Air Fried Plantain Chips

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Air fried plantain chips are a special and easy-to-make chips recipe. These chips are made in the air fryer which simply means they are not fried in oil. These days many people don’t eat things which are fried in oil. So, in that case, these Air fried plantain chips are a good choice to eat something crispy.  Today recipes4me will teach you to make these hygienic chips at home. This is a simple recipe that can be made by anyone without any cooking skills. So let’s start to make this recipe.

Time required 

Preparation – 5 minutes

Air frying – 7 minutes

Total – 12 minutes


Servings – 3 

Ingredients for Air fried plantain chips

  1. Half-ripened plantains – 1
  2. Cooking spray
  3. Garlic powder – ½ teaspoon
  4. Salt – ½ teaspoon or as per taste

Equipment required

  1. Regular peeler
  2. Air fryer 

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Directional steps to make Air fried plantain chips

Step 1.

Take a plantain and remove peel its outer cover.

Step 2.

After peeling with a regular peeler make its long and thin slices. Be careful while making slices.

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Step 3.

Keep these slices on a plate.

Step 4.

After making thin slices spray cooking oil or spray over them.

Step 5.

Spray the cooking oil in the air fryer basket.

Step 6.

And shift the chips to the air fryer basket but place them in such a way that don’t overlap each other.

Step 7.

After placing the chips in the basket sprinkle garlic powder or salt over them. You are free to use other flavors.

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Step 8.

Again spray cooking oil over them. And start frying them in an air fryer at @350 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 minutes.

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Stet 9.

After 7 minutes our crispy Air fried plantain chips are ready to repeat the process for the other batch of the plantain slices.

Air Fried Plantain Chips

Our Air fried plantain chips are ready if you want to fry the plantain from both sides go for it. Use any of your favorite seasonings to make this and comment on us. You will love these fried chips without oil. If you want more recipes like this visit our website recipes4me. There you will get many other recipes. 

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