Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

Avocado salsa is a very famous Mexican recipe. This is a simple and attractive recipe that is used to eat with other recipes. This is mostly used with snacks. It helps to increase the taste of other recipes with its unique flavor. Avocado salsa is also famous by another name Guacamole Recipe. This recipe is made with avocado. Let’s start to make an Avocado salsa recipe.

Total time required

Preparation – 5 mins

Mixing.  -. 3 mins

Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

Ingredients required for Avocado Salsa 

  1. Medium half onion ( chopped) – ½ piece.
  2. Avocado (medium ripped) – 3 no.
  3. Fresh lime juice – 1.5 teaspoon
  4.  Fresh Cilantro (chopped) – ¼ cup
  5. Tomato (chopped without seeds) – 1 no.
  6. Salt – ½ teaspoon or as per taste
  7. Ground cumin – ½ teaspoon
  8. Jalapeno pepper ( chopped) – 1 teaspoon

Equipment required

  1. Large bowl
  2. Spoon
  3. Fork 

The process to make a delicious avocado salsa Recipe

Step 1.

     Take half onion and chop it finely. After that put it in warm water for some time. It will change the raw flavor of the onion. Now keep this aside until we prepare the rest ingredients.

Step 2.

    Take 3 avocados and cut them with the knife and remove the seed with the help of a spoon. Now extract all avocado flesh into a bowl.

Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

Step 3. 

       Now sprinkle the lime juice over the flesh of the Avocado and mesh it with the help of a fork.

Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

Step 4. 

      Chop a tomato without seeds and add it to the avocado bowl. Add chopped cilantro leaves to it. 

 Step 5 

      Now bring the onion and remove warm water from it and put the onion into the Avocado. 

Step 6

     Now add ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of ground cumin. Now stir all the ingredients together and your Avocado salsa is ready.

Avocado Salsa Recipe | Guacamole

After completing all the steps you will get a delicious Avocado salsa recipe. Serve it with tortilla chips. Your friends and relatives will love it. If you are a food lover and want to make delicious recipes visit our website recipes4me. You will find many other recipes and salsa recipes there. After making this recipe please comment on us.

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