Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Christmas treats are very important for us on Christmas day. On Christmas day we are surrounded by our loved ones. Everyone wants to eat something special on a special day. This may be sweets as well as salty but it should be tasty. Here I will tell you some recipes for Christmas treats. These recipes will include sweets as well as salty recipes. These recipes will be a mixup of non-vegetarian and vegetarian. so let’s start our best Christmas treats.

1. Best homemade delicious carrot cake

Everyone like sweets on special days. so, the best homemade delicious carrot cake is the best choice for Christmas treats. This cake is prepared with the normal ingredients which are easily available in our kitchen. This cake is vastly used all over the world. The best homemade delicious carrot cake recipe is used as a birthday cake.

Carrot Cake Recipe

2. The best homemade pecan pie bars recipe

The best homemade pecan pie bars recipe is perfect for the holidays and feeding the crowd. If anyone wants the all flavor of pecans without doing more work this recipe will be the best choice for you. These pecan pie bars have a delicious buttery shortbread crust and a rich sweet feeling. The best homemade pecan pie bars recipe is very famous all around the world.

Christmas Treats

3. Strawberry muffin recipe

The Strawberry muffin recipe is very famous in the Times of special days like Christmas, valentine’s day, and others special days. Only a few ingredients are used to make this recipe. The Strawberry muffin recipes have an attractive color and taste. this will be the best easy-to-make Christmas treats.

Strawberry Muffin Recipe

4. Giant cheese stuffed shells olive garden

Giant cheese stuffed shells olive garden are just like the ones from the olive garden. In this recipe, Shells are filled with three types type cheese. Mariana sauce is spread over them while cooking which increases their deliciousness. This recipe is perfect for dinner. These giant cheese-stuffed shells olive garden is a perfect definition of comfort food.

Giant Cheese Stuffed Shells Olive Garden

5. Meringue cookie recipe

The meringue cookie recipe is very exotic, tasty, and attractive with many types of colors. These cookies are very easy to make in very less time. Meringue cookies are best for birthday parties, holidays, and Christmas parties. Kids as well as adults like these cookies very much. So, let’s get started to make a Meringue cookie recipe.

Christmas Treats

These are some Christmas treats recipes. we hope you will like these recipes and these recipes will make your Christmas special. For more recipes visit our website recipes4me.

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