Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Syrup Filled roll recipe is very famous in the Asian region. It’s a sweet recipe mostly available in white color. This recipe is very easy to make at home. For this, you only need milk which can be easily curled, and sugar. In India, it is known as the rasgulla recipe Rasgulla is known as Syrup Filled roll recipe. Today recipes4me will make this recipe in our kitchen and we will show you the secrets to making a market syrup filled roll recipe. We will show you all the necessary ingredients and necessary steps to make this special recipe. So let’s get started.

Time required Syrup Filled roll recipe

Preparation – 3 minutes

Making and cooking – 47 minutes

Total time – 50 minutes


Servings – 15

Ingredients required for syrup filled Roll recipe

  1. Milk (cow) – 1 ltr
  2. White Vinegar – 2 tablespoons
  3. Sugar – 1.5 cup
  4. Water – 4.5 cups
  5. Green cardamom – 2

Equipment required

  1. Pan
  2. Bowls
  3. Plate 
  4. Sieve

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Directional steps for Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 1.

Take a pan and place it on the flame. Now add milk to it.

Step 2.

Let boil the milk. When the milk starts to boil add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to curdle it and keep stirring.

Step 3.

Milk will be perfectly curdled in a few seconds.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 4.

After that turn off the flame and sieve the curdled milk with a normal size or cotton cloth.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 5.

I will sieve it with a normal sieve. Dens milk will remain on the sieve and water will pass through it. 

Step 6.

Now wash the material with water. This will remove the taste of vinegar. Press the material which is retained on the sieve with your hands to remove all water.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 7.

Let it be in the sieve for some time to remove all the water from the dense milk.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 8.

After completely drying put this on a plate and mash with the palm of the hand for 15 minutes until it became smooth.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 9.

After that make the small round bowls with your hands. The balls should be smooth.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 10.

After making balls, set them aside. Now take a pan and add 1.5 cups of sugar and 4.5 cup of water and 2 cardamoms in it.

Step 11. 

Place this pan on the flame and let the sugar dissolves completely. 

Step 12.

When this mixture starts boiling put all the balls in this sugar syrup. The flame should be high and cook these balls at high flame for 8 minutes. Keeps stirring continuously with a spoon.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 13.

After 8 minutes cover the pan with a lid and reduce the flame and cook the balls for 6 minutes.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 14. 

After 6 minus our balls will be in a bigger size.

Step 15.

Now cook for 2 more minutes without cover. After two minutes check the balls. Take one out with a spoon and press with the fings it should be completely elastic.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Step 16.

Now turn off the flame and extract these syrup-filled roll recipes and sugar syrup in the bowl. Let it for two hours to absorb the sugar syrup perfectly.

Syrup Filled Roll Recipe

Our Syrup Filled roll recipe is ready you can have it after two hours. Serve to your family and friends. This is the perfect sweet dish for occasions. Try them and comment on us after tasting them. For such kinds of recipes visit our website recipes4me. There you will find many other delicious recipes.

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